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The Old Rectory is a family-run fifteen bed care home situated in just under one acre of land in Musbury, East Devon.

“We want to help our service users to realise personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of their lives…”

The Old Rectory is divided into three four bedroom apartments and one three bedroom apartment, each providing care and support for individuals. Each person has their own bedroom with ensuite facilities, a shared lounge, dining room and kitchen facilities. There is a large private garden which boasts views over the quiet East Devon countryside.

The Old Rectory has been running as a care home since 1984, aiming to provide accommodation for individuals with learning disabilities, autism, and other associated complex health, emotional and behavioural needs. Individuals are encouraged and enabled to lead a fulfilled and independent life with the necessary support.

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A Parents Perspective – May 2017

When you have a child with significant learning difficulties, the transition to adult residential care can be a minefield, as we found to our cost, until we found The Old Rectory. Every young person is different, with a unique spectrum of problems and capabilities but what you hope for is an environment in which they can be loved for who they are, and encouraged towards gaining whatever independence they can achieve.

Our daughter has been living at The Old Rectory for nearly seven years. During this time we have placed our entire faith and trust in Vicky and her team to provide our daughter with a safe, stimulating lifestyle in a stable, loving environment. They have never let us down.

The Old Rectory is not just a care home for people with learning difficulties – it is, first and foremost, their home, where they are supported to live a happy and satisfying life. A lovely, relaxed, family atmosphere is created. Everyday life is exactly what it should be: people get up when they want to; join in with what activities they enjoy; benefit from a wide variety of outings; occasionally go on holiday with friends; have parties; go shopping; help with the domestic chores and cooking;  pop out for walks (and ice-cream!); take advantage of educational opportunities and welcome visitors.

It’s an incredibly sociable place, filled with fun and laughter, with a great team spirit amongst the staff. Any problems posed by the residents are dealt with professionally and sympathetically; you can sense that everyone is well-trained to cope with all the foibles and idiosyncrasies they might encounter.  There’s an impressive balance of youth and maturity on the staff, meaning there’s always someone on hand with experience, energy and  confidence. Whether it’s health, behaviour, or any other issue, Vicky and her staff will keep families fully informed and involved. Equally, we know we can contact them anytime and be listened to with courtesy and care.

The environment is lovely: a characterful house divided into small, family-sized units. Our daughter lives in airy, spacious  surroundings, with an attractive, private ensuite bedroom, and freedom to go out into gardens when she wants to. The rural setting and fabulous views add to the great “feel” of the place.

We visit every couple of weeks, and also appreciate invitations to the annual summer BBQ or Christmas party, when there’s a chance to meet other families. The conversation usually  comes round to one thing; “Aren’t we lucky to have found The Old Rectory”?